What is Impossible?

“I believe things cannot make themselves impossible.” – Stephen Hawing.

I remember during the recent Stephen Hawking movie, ‘The Theory of Everything’, this quote really made an impression on me.

The other day I was watching a documentary tracing the great thinkers of the Renaissance and beyond, including Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. I then happened to catch a programme later that day on the current NASA missions to Mars and beyond.

The life and achievements of Stephen Hawking, and other great thinkers, together with people today who are changing the world, truly make us think and then re-think what is possible.

Even in our own lives and enterprises, we sometimes think we have hit a wall, or that doing X is not possible. I did this the other week in terms of a complex system in the financial markets I had been working on. Then I questioned my thinking and asked: “why is this not possible?”

This is quite an important question: “why is X not possible?” By asking this question, it brings out of the darkness an assumption or limited belief that X was impossible. When we ask this question, the mind gets busy trying to find an answer to a negative proposition. You then usually end up not finding an answer where X necessarily is impossible.

Then the mind concedes: if there is no reason why X is necessarily impossible, then X must be possible. All I have to do is find the how. We remember anything is possible and ‘the how’ can and will come if we persist. Maybe not right now, but in time it will come.

Often we must challenge a couple of assumptions, or importantly see things form another perspective to find ‘the how’. Sometimes the creative insight will come from the sub conscious mind, usually early in the morning the next day. Or from a splinter of conversation we had with a friend or colleague. I have found ‘shelving’, never giving up but shelving a project for a time, lets the creative mind start to see the problem ‘from afar’. This distance, this breathing space usually gives us new angles or insights that will lead us to the solution.

The creative mind does not stop. When we work together, the collective creative minds of a team, a business, a community or even a nation, can firmly prove the proposition that nothing is necessarily impossible.

Next time we, either as an entrepreneur, a business manager, or an investor think something is impossible, we should immediately respond with the positive and probing question: “why is X not possible?”


Regards, Lee M. Spano, Creatness International www.creatness.com

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