Recently I came across this ancient African term, Ubuntu. It means “I am because you are”.

At first, this seems quite simple and straight forward. But dig a little deeper. For me, the key is the word “because”.

I am because you are.

Modern Western philosophy since Descartes linked “I am” to thinking. Many other belief systems link our existence to something beyond us, beyond people.

Yet ancient African wisdom teaches us, we exist because of others. We exist because of people.

It highlights our inter-dependence. In modern times, we crave independence. Yet we cannot escape our inter-dependence. This is a paradox. We can have both, if we think outside the extremes, outside the binds. Our higher creative mind gives us this ability.

We are independent because we are inter-dependent.

Our inter-dependence makes us great. Our ability to help others makes us, our work, our time, our legacy great. Nothing else is needed. Just Ubuntu.


Regards, Lee M. Spano, Creatness International CEO www.creatness.com

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