Three Insights to Thrive

Have you ever wondered why some people are prolific? Have you wondered why some people combine what they love with their talents and an ability to, not only make a living or a profit, but to thrive. They thrive in their businesses, their work and their personal lives. We have been researching these questions for several years now, and found there are clusters of traits and principles that we all can learn to help us thrive. Here are three of them.

  1. Fascination

Greats in business, science, the arts or any human endeavour have a fascination with their field or the domain they are working in. This fascination is usually innate. There is some vision, or image or obscure feeling they have when they do the work they love.

Sometimes it is expressed in very abstract terms, such as ‘I love words.’ ‘I love numbers’. ‘I love when people work powerfully in a team building something unique in the world.’

Whatever your fascination is, define it, write it down and let both the creative and analytic minds embrace the rough image of it. They will then work together to make things clearer in time.

  1. Inspired

Highly successful people are inspired by their work. Their inspiration might come from masters in the field they have studied, or a vision of their work in the future.

The inspiration helps them to persist in the face of all of the challenges that will come their way. The inspiration is nearly always closely associated with a deep desire to do great work, to serve, or to change the world, even if in a small or a large way.

  1. Do it for Free

A litmus test many people will say when they are fascinated and inspired by their field is, ‘I would do it for free anyway’. Or, ‘I could not think of anything else I would or could do.’

It is worth pausing on these statements. They run deep. Many people cannot say this about what they choose to do on a daily basis. Ask yourself honestly and deeply- ‘would you do x for free?” “Would you do x for free for the rest of your life?”

These are tough questions. The premise of these questions is clear- money, or money alone should never be the motivator. The human capacity is much more powerful than this. Deeper notions of mission, vision and serving others are bigger and more powerful motivators.


Money and material things are always the consequences of our vision and the power of our creative minds. When we combine fascination, inspiration, vision and serving, then we can enable many things in ourselves and in our teams.


Regards, Lee M. Spano, Creatness International CEO

© Copyright Lee M. Spano. All rights reserved.


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