The Bookends

The bookends of our lives reveal our truth.

I wrote this line in my morning pages recently. It is amazing how flow can surprise. Often our best insights seem to come from elsewhere.

As we get older, the questions of purpose, place and home take on greater significance. ‘What truly matters?’ ‘What is the highest purpose of my life?’ ‘What is the mission of my business?’ ‘What is the work I truly love?’

This last question is the one that bites. ‘What is the work I truly love?’

When we study the life and legacy of giants in history, we see passion, purpose and love are essential ingredients. These ingredients get us up at 4am. They enable us to endure. They become ‘the elsewhere’ that drives us to grow and to create a unique life, a business, a body of work that has value.

The work we truly love is subtle. Like water it can be readily lost. When we were younger, it was easier to see. We did what we loved naturally, simply. It was a friend. It was and is, our home. For me, it was always ideas, learning, writing, creating, and the fascination of our world. This was my first bookend.

As we travel our journey, it is easy to become lost, or confused with the ideas, beliefs and priorities of others. Maybe the purpose of our journey is simply to return home. To re-connect with the work we love. To find and to create the second bookend.

The two bookends complete us.


Regards, Lee M. Spano, Creatness International CEO

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