Sustainable You, Sustainable Us- The Great Blue Dome

We are living in a time of transition. A watershed in the making. A time where we must choose.

Globalisation, climate change and increasing geopolitical tensions, mean we have to find new ways of thinking, new ways of enterprise, new ways of discourse, and new ways of simply getting along.

The sustainability movement in business and elsewhere has been around for a few decades now. As we get closer to various tipping points, the genius of capitalism and sustainability thinking need to be welded. This will give us a new level of progress.

Through the following formula, we can move to this new footing: Mindset + Innovation + Sustainability. The MIS model. The points of intersection of these three domains are enabling. If we use high order thinking, particularly creative thinking, couple it with the power of innovation in enterprise, and then look for ways to design sustainable solutions, a new level of ideas and opportunities arise. We have a greater capability to address complex, interconnected problems.

Our current obstacles are a mix of fear, denial and seeking to maintain the status quo. Evidence, reason and self-belief seem to have been sacrificed in the unending debate. Disruption, entrepreneurship and innovation are ready to rise much higher than the binds of any status quo. They are ready to take action.

When we truly embrace the MIS model, we realise, like many natural systems, the greatest positive change starts from the inside.

Sustainable you, then sustainable us.

In drawing this arc, we have the potential, in perhaps less time than we need, to move from sustainability to thrivability. Thrivability is our natural self. It is our highest self. Thrivability is inclusive.

“The old cathedrals are good, but the great blue dome that hangs over everything is better.”- Thomas Carlyle.


Regards, Lee M. Spano, Creatness International CEO

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