Slow and Fast Days – Which do You Intentionally Design?

There are slow and fast days. Fast days seem to be typical days. Slow days are rare. They usually only arrive after careful planning, careful design. Sadly, many of us have few or no slow days. Why?

When we plan our week, month or even our year, how many slow days have we allocated? How many do we intentionally design in our lives? These are not vacations or retreats. Slow days are where we do our usual work, but slightly alter our routines to allow breathing space. Create more distance between tasks or goals. Have a half day spent in the landscape- mountains, beach, a field, a lake. Nature and natural systems re-kindle.

Slow is good. Slow causes reflection. Slow gives us distance. Distance gives us perspective. Perspective gives us insight. The creative and subconscious mind grow in slow time.

“I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.”- Abraham Lincoln

Slowing down time is, of course, an illusion. The perspectives we design however are not. These we can control. A slow day designed physically and through changed perspectives gives us a sense of control. Control and perspective give us renewal.

Renewal can speed things up. A slow day becomes a fast day. At the basic level things are slowed. For instance, during a Friday 5 am beach walk, things appear slow as we immerse ourselves in the landscape; as we notice more, as we see more. At the subconscious level things move much faster. Ideas crystallise. Disparate ideas are knitted. Complex problems becomes simpler through a higher perspectives. I have had this wonderful experience by writing out the beginning of solutions to complex problems in the sand of my favourite beach. Sometimes we don’t know we are travelling at the speed of light.

Soon we see and feel change. If you have slow days regularly enough, then we have immense change. Growth and new waves of ideas and insights rise to the surface.

When we experience these things, we realise slow days are very valuable. Creativity and innovation are born from slow days. Breakthroughs are born from slow days. Negatives, such as frustration, doubt and tiredness are all soothed in slow days. Not only we do realise for a particular problem “this too will pass”, we realise problems are gifts. Gifts that foster growth and higher capacity to reach new solutions. Perhaps slow days, if we choose them, are our greatest gifts.

“Sometimes we don’t know we are travelling at the speed of light.”


Regards, Lee M. Spano, Creatness International CEO

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