Looking Inside First

When we study great leaders from all fields, we learn about the importance of looking inside first.

Leaders and visionaries in business, politics, science, the arts, and spiritual or personal growth, all had one important thing in common- they overcame and rose by looking inside first to find a hidden strength, a special focus point, and a higher purpose.

Critics often scoff at such things. Yet critics rarely become higher thinkers, and they rarely create something quite special in their lives. Strangely, most of learn to become good critics.

If our greatest asset is the mind, and strength comes from within, then why do we spend most of our time focused on external things? How much time do we ‘sharpen the saw’? How much time and energy, each day, do we give to strengthening our mind and spirit for what we are about to do?

As a business person, I fully understand the importance and need to focus on the hundreds of tasks and ‘little things’ we need to deal with, so we can run a business and achieve ‘success’. But ‘the bottom line’ does not elevate thinking. The ‘pitch’ does not encapsulate why we do what we do each day. The human mind and spirit are much more than our daily tasks. Our minds and spirits are there do direct what we do each day. If musicians do not have a conductor, then the sound is seldom sweet.

Henry Miller reminds us of the importance of looking inside first when he said: “Don’t look for miracles. You are the miracle.”

Miller takes this principle one step further by saying there are miracles inside is- if we care to look for them.

Our modern world, particular with digital technology and mass media today, continually seduces our mind to find ‘miracles’ in external things first. Our technology and media rarely ask us to find the miracle inside of us, first.

When find the miracle inside first, miracles indeed can happen in the world- a life is saved, a cause is addressed, an injustice is resolved, a life is given meaning, a business that serves becomes immensely successful, and so, we all rise.

Regards, Lee M. Spano, Creatness International www.creatness.com

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