Generosity Creates Flow

“A determination to be generous rather than hoard is a choice to be in the return motion.”- Dr Wayne Dyer.

This is an important message which occurs regularly across several fields, ranging from philosophy, spiritualism and even economics.

The message might seem paradoxical at first. If we give away money, time and other resources, then how can we have these in abundance? The Principle of Reciprocity answers the paradox nicely- the more we give, the more we receive. It is sometimes said if we give one unit, we will receive tenfold in return. This is akin to the ancient principle of tithing.

In our time, we can see the most successful investors and business people are always incredibly generous. They are generous with their time, their knowledge and their money. Philanthropy is something very close to my heart, and has always been. I believe it is the duty of all of us to give back, even if in a small way.

Dr Dyer’s message also touches on the question of hoarding money or other material items. If we save too much, if we hoard money, then economists will agree it too cannot flow. Money must move through an economy for it to function. Beyond the Keynesian debate, the simple flow of money through goods and services is the lifeblood of all modern economies and societies in the modern age.

So, the principle becomes quite clear- generosity creates flow- flow multiples wealth, and this multiplication moves from ourselves to others and then back again. A social and economic contract written in both ancient and modern times.

Regards, Lee M. Spano, Creatness International

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