Between Doubt and Hope

Doubt is perhaps one of the most complex things we all have to deal with. Doubt can cripple progress. Doubt can cripple a business, a relationship or a life.

One minute we can be sailing along, then something moves us. Something unforeseen. Something snaps. It moves us to reflect and re-think. This is fertile ground for doubt.

A torrent of questions then flood the mind. “Why did this happen to me?” “How could you have done this to me?” “Why is this so hard?” Why does this always happen to me?” “This is not right!” “It is not fair.” Maybe it was not meant to be?” “I should be doing something else with my life.” “It is hopeless.” I am hopeless”. “It will never work.”

It is worthwhile studying these questions closely. They are not completely rational. These common questions are extreme. They try to move from a particular issue to a general or often fatalistic conclusion. For example, you might have encountered a problem in your business or work. Recent frustrations have been building. We then generalise from one problem to conclusions like- “it will never work”.

The word “never” is slippery. One the face of it, we think it to be plausible. However, can we truly say something can never work? I firmly believe every problem has a solution. We will either discover it today, or if we persist, if we grow, we will discover it some day. Human history is clear testimony of this point.

There is a hidden genius here. Anything can work, any problem can be solved if we reject such fatalistic thinking. When a particular thing does not work, simply day: “I will find the solution to this soon.” Then let the sub conscious mind go to work. I often find the next morning is when threads of ideas fuse. This fusion gets me closer to a solution.

If we let doubt run wild, it can become fatalistic. This is harmful. But is there a good side to doubt?

Descartes gave us the Method of Doubt. Obama gave us the Audacity of Hope. If we reflect on these two ideas, we find they sit at polar extremes. Is there something in between doubt and hope? Is this space the place we can find a useful, positive side to doubt?

I see this space as the process of belief. Through higher or creative thinking, through mind training we can build a process to harness doubt. Doubt can be used to get us closer to hope, dream, goals, objectives and then success.

Between doubt and hope we find the process of belief. I read this sentence a few times to let my sub conscious mind really grip it. Perhaps spend a minute to also reflect here.

This process is not obvious. We need to develop. We need to help sometimes to avoid the lower thoughts and emotions that give us fatalism. These do not help us or our endeavour. They do not help those closest to us.

The process of belief gives us greater capabilities. Persistence, vision, method, audacity, mission, perhaps even certainty. These are the children of belief. These are the children of doubt and hope.

Life, work and particularly enterprise give us wonderful soil for these things to grow. They are never automatic. The word ‘guarantee’ should be eliminated from all our thinking. Process, testing, constant improvement, and refinement, these are our honest friends. Not every seed becomes a towering tree.

Through doubt, hope and belief, we find the thin light to guide us.

“Between doubt and hope we find the process of belief.”


Regards, Lee M. Spano, Creatness International CEO

© Copyright Lee M. Spano. All rights reserved.

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