A Great Work?

What is a great work? In 2017 what is a great work? In 1917 what was a great work?

With technology, markets, social values and areas of importance changing so quickly now, these questions are more important than ever. If we compare what people thought a great work was one hundred years ago to today, what has changed? What has stayed the same?

The answers do not turn on a trivial, or even a long winded definition of the word ‘great’. There must be something more than the form. Are there universal, timeless principles of value and purpose that can help us here?

I stumbled upon this message in my morning pages recently-

“A great work is made out of a combination of obedience and liberty.”- Nadia Boulanger.

At first sight this seems unimportant. But re-read it.

There is a very interesting meaning in the connection of opposites- obedience and liberty. I have found over many years when apparent opposites are fused, we gain deeper insights.

How do we fuse obedience and liberty?

In a field, calling, domain, art, business or endeavour this fusion is often subtle. There is liberty in obedience. There is a freedom in obeying certain principles or timeless values.

I often write in the early hours of the morning. The edges of the day are like points of inflexion. Sometimes of course, I do not want to get up and write. Yet when I obey the call, there is a freedom and joy in the work.

When we obey, often the quietest voices, we find something higher, something more meaningful, something more enduring. We find freedom. We find a space uniquely our own.

When we obey the call, we find our true selves. Therein lies our greatest work.


Regards, Lee M. Spano, Creatness International CEO www.creatness.com

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