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“With a broad background in Business and Law, Lee offers a range of information and educational products to the business and investing community. As an experienced trader and investor, he has been an active developer and innovator of trading systems for derivatives. He shares his expertise through published articles in journals and magazines. Lee has contributed his marketing expertise to the Australian Investors Association, through his membership of the Marketing Committee.” Bill Dodd, Private Investor.

“Lee is a successful businessman & investor who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for young entrepreneurs. I found him as a person with a wealth of knowledge, deep experience in the business world, a fantastic personality and a forward thinking mindset…” – Danielle Sun.

“As an industry professional I found working with Lee Spano, firstly on the Brisbane Chapter of the ATAA and then with the ATAA National Board, to be highly professional and his experience in marketing and member recruitment to be exemplary. The concepts put forward to be highly effective and achievable and in this regard I would highly recommend Lee’s services. As a co-member of the ATAA and attending Lee’s presentations, particularly in the area of increasing wealth creation through a disciplined and a systematic approach, to be clear and concise, with an emphasis on professionalism to be hugely beneficial to any private trader or professional.” – Dean Smith, Private Client Advisor & Past President of the ATAA Brisbane.

“Creatness delivers distinctive business education concepts and solutions standing alone in its value for money and intellect. Lee Spano is the ultimate professional. He patiently guides you towards achieving and discovering new heights in the world of creativity. Lee exudes boundless energy and vitality for his work, this clearly shows.” – Matt Patti.

“It is with pleasure that I would like to acknowledge and thank you for your professional education, training and guidance in my recent completion of the Creatness SME Marketing and Communications Education and Training Programme…the extensive content of the programme included all aspects of marketing, planning, goals, advertising and much more…I found your programme to be very beneficial, focused, easy to follow, and it directly related to me personally and to my business’ growth and future direction. Your time and knowledge are very much appreciated, and your continued support is also exceptional, and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.”- Veronique Hambling.

“I recently purchased a copy of Lee’s 15 Step Guide to Business Automation, as I enjoy learning more about this subject and wanted to help a client of mine in this area. The 15 Step Guide was a great overview and step by step of the areas to consider when considering outsourcing; technology, online products. When you don’t know much about a topic, SEO for example, you can easily be lead in many directions depending on who you speak to. This guide helps you take a step back and consider why you are going to change a certain aspect of your business, and then how to do it best given your desired outcome. It may sound like common sense, but very few of us know how to consider what we need before going out and getting help. I found this guide extremely helpful and easy to digest. Thanks Lee for your great work.”- Angie Spiteri.

“Lee Spano has written many informative and engaging investment articles for Australian Resources and Investment magazine.” – Eden Cox, Editor Australian Resources and Investment Journal.


“Give me love and work – these two only.”- William Morris.