Smoother Property Portfolio Building through our Suburb Analyser

When property investors and other buyers are analysing suburbs, many of us still do it in a haphazard way. We read a few articles, speak to a few agents, ‘get a feel’ and then as things get in motion, we take the plunge. However, there is immense opportunity cost and angst if you get the suburb wrong. If you buy a suburb where growth rates decline suddenly, where population falls because of changing job or economic opportunities, or when there is a major adverse change in town planning, all these can have dramatic consequences.

Many of us need to re-evaluate our property portfolio on a regular basis. Having to weed out the ‘under performers’ is often a result of poor property and/or suburb selection. If we select the suburb just as it is about to move into a strong uptrend, then we can maximise returns and minimise the risk of under performers. If we have too many under performers in our portfolio this can be very costly and time consuming. Unlike stocks for instance, there are onerous transaction and opportunity costs in property. This often acts a glass ceiling to many property investors. It can destroy long term wealth creation.

13 Ways to Help You

To help you better analyse and select key or emerging suburbs we created the Suburb Analyser. This is a unique too that can help you in the following ways:

  1. Comprehensive. A Twenty (20) metric tool that is thorough and comprehensive using both quantitative and qualitative analysis. It has reference links to online data that is publicly available.
  2. Robust. You will not rely on loose analysis or ‘gut feel’- rather use a tool that has a sound and robust methodology.
  3. Powerful Comparative Value. The 20 metrics are synthesised in a way so you can easily generate a percentage rank for the suburb. This score then has a powerful comparative value. You can compare two or more suburbs efficiently and thoroughly. This is very hard for most investors to do currently.
  4. Minimise Mistakes. Helps you to avoid mistakes in your suburb or property selection. As we all know property has significant transactional and opportunity costs, which can act as a barrier to building and managing your portfolio for successful wealth creation.
  5. Minimise Risks. Problems eventuate often because we fail to notice signs in the market or in our portfolio. This can usually be traced back to suburb selection and ongoing management. For example, you bought in a suburb that had only one economic driver, and this has now significantly changed.
  6. Maximise Returns. If you get into a suburb that is emerging, then you can potentially have explosive Growth Rates (G) and perhaps also strong Yields (Y) over time.
  7. Explosive Wealth Creation. If you are in early, not only do you buy at the right price, but the rate of change of G and Y rise over time. This can give explosive income and compound growth.
  8. Smoother Portfolio Building. Too many property investors have to onerously manage their portfolios by regularly weeding out under performers. Our tool will help you get the suburb right in the first place, and then maximise the performance of all properties in your portfolio. This gives us smoother portfolio building.
  9. Scalable. Smoother portfolio building leads to faster wealth building, and most importantly, you have a set of processes, or a system for scalable wealth building. This makes us highly professional and gives our investing business a solid platform for expansion perhaps into other regions.
  10. Avoid Analysis Paralysis. There is now so much offline and online information for property investors or buyers. Too much. Too much unsubstantiated and often conflicting opinions that is usually ‘half baked’ or patchy on underlying evidence. This sea of (mis)information now creates analysis paralysis and confusion. This feeds doubt and fear, and stifles clear decision-making. It kills effective action taking and business building. The Suburb Analyser is thorough yet succinct. It consists of 20 key metrics contained in one sheet of an Excel spreadsheet. This means you or your team can quickly and easily analyse suburbs from around Australia in approximately 30 to 45 minutes. This efficiency is powerful.
  11. Not Expensive & Customisable. This product consists of a Comprehensive Checklist and what we call a Decision Assist Spreadsheet (DAS). We use ordinary Word document and Excel spreadsheet file formats because this is cost effective, and you can easily customise things. No proprietary software is needed. The Suburb Analyser is also reasonably priced because we want the every day person to have easy access to essential decision-making tools.
  12. Now Accessible. For too long key insights into property and other markets have been held privately in the minds and processes of highly successful investors or institutions. Part of our mission is to democratise not just information, but essential tools for long term success. The Suburb Analyser draws on many years of research and experience and now can be used by everyday property investors or buyers.
  13. Independent. The Suburb Analyser is a cornerstone tool to make you an independent investor. You do not need to rely on any person or platform. You do not need to rely on some ‘secret’ proprietary tool you do not understand, or cannot get access to its assumptions, which may be questionable. Our tool is flexible and transparent. It will educate and help all property investors and buyers and allow them to move more quickly down the path of time and financial freedom.

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