We are currently building a Research Centre to consolidate our knowledge and expertise, and to build collaborations and specialist networks. This ensures we are at the cutting edge of new knowledge, insights, and findings, thus allowing us to design evidence based programs and products for our clients and associates.

The key research areas currently include-

  • Creativity & Innovation– building processes, teams and systems from ideation to product/ service design, testing and refinement.
  • Disruption –key elements, sources and developing efficient testing and other methods for managers and leaders.
  • Design Thinking (DT) – developing succinct and efficient best practice processes and systems for individuals and organisations.
  • MindTech– this is a term we have coined to bring together tech and other mindset innovations from various areas, including mindset apps, mobile or wearable technology apps, eg. watches, AI and Machine Learning and linking to particularly creative problem solving. We are currently looking for collaborators here, so if you want to discuss things, please Contact us.
  • Personal & Organisational Purpose– the importance in purpose individually, eg. links to drive, persistence and higher thinking, and also at the organisational level, eg. links to trust building, morale, efficiency, strategy, governance and sustainability.
  • Fixed v Growth Mindsets– researching historical causes, identifying limitations and problems, and then building proprietary strategies and processes to move to higher, growth, creative thinking frameworks and behaviours.

If you have particular interests in any of these areas, please be sure to reach out and Contact us .

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke