Everyday property buyers or more experienced property investors, need to wade through the hype, myths and misinformation, and find a place where they can find premium, trusted education and information that can work for them.

In recent years, particularly in Australia where median house prices have escalated, starting or managing a portfolio can be difficult. This is particularly so for young investors, or those trying to get their first home.

This means getting independent and quality information you can use simply and safely is more important than ever. For example, if you choose a property that has poor Growth (G) and/or Net Yield (NY), then the transactions costs, and most importantly, the opportunity cost, can be significant, and may hamper your future wealth creation.

Another key issue is solid risk management. Risk in property takes on many more forms than in the financial markets. They include: tenant risk, credit risk, town planning risk, and the usual forms of financial risk, including the need for buffers, when interests begin to rise.

In our research and educational materials, we focus on quality, keeping things simple, and giving to you things that can be immediately applied. We help you with checklists, suburb research, national and global trends, and help you find trusted professional services.

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin