Are you Searching for Meaning and Fulfilment in your Work?

Are you like so many people today in the 21st Century who are searching for meaning and fulfilment in their work and in their life? This is despite increased material gain and recent advances in technology. Have you discovered a higher purpose that can drive you or your business to become prolific?

Most today have not. We all know so many people who are burnt out, lack drive, who are ‘just living day to day’. Their personal and professional lives are completely unbalanced.

This is largely due to not having a simple and succinct process you can follow to discover your highest purpose. Your personal purpose will then act as a driving force for your work or your business. It will help you define your personal mission, and then align it with your work or the mission of your business.

When we find the work we love, when we marry this with our natural talents, then we have passion and boundless energy to design an extraordinary life or organisation. We find ourselves. We find our life’s work. When we have purpose, we thrive.

In ‘Prolific- The Four Creative Questions’ we give to you-

  1. Simple and Succinct. A simple and succinct dynamic process to discover your personal purpose or the mission of your business.
  2. Evidence & Inspiration. The Four Creative Questions have resulted from years of research and experience. This includes evidence and case studies from highly successful people, such as Elon Musk, Jesse Owens, Warren Buffett, and Anita Roddick. These case studies will also motivate and inspire you to reach higher.
  3. Anyone can Apply. This research and testimony teaches us that anyone can become be prolific. Anyone can thrive when we apply the Four Creative Questions.
  4. Rare. These principles are universal and timeless. It is rare to find them in one comprehensive and concise work.
  5. Icons. A Life Work Formula and a You Formula simplify and distil these universal principles further. They can be like icons, so you can see them on a daily basis, perhaps alongside your mission and vision statements, or in your daily journal.
  6. Blueprint. We give you guiding principles and a methodical process. We do not give you waffle or armchair theory. You will have a blueprint for your success.
  7. Checklists & Templates. We give to you straight forward, precise checklists and templates for immediate practical application. You can also review and re-apply them to ensure you or your organisation remain on track.

Get your Free Checklist & Template Now (Free offer expires 30 Sept 2017)

We are currently doing a pre release of our work, ‘Prolific- The Four Creative Questions.’ This includes giving to our subscribers and readers a free checklist and template of the First Creative Question- what do you love to do?

Like the other checklists and templates in this work, you can apply it simply and easily for immediate results. You will quickly learn the things you loved to do, many of which you have probably forgotten.

This checklist when combined with the complete Four Creative Questions process can be re-applied, so it is dynamic and can accommodate the fast pace of change in the 21st Century. You and your organisation can be both adaptable and authentic. This is a rare thing.

Together with the other Four Creative Questions, you can find the focus and drive to become prolific. You will learn to find meaning and fulfilment in your work and in your life. Like other highly successful people, your will learn how to design an extraordinary life or business. You and your team will learn how to thrive.

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