Coaching Programs

The Elements and Importance of Coaching

What is coaching? The International Coach Federation (ICF) is one of the largest coaching organisations in the world, they define coaching as:

“ A partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

There are three key elements:

  1. A Creative Process,
  2. That Inspires,
  3. Maximising Personal and Professional Potential.

We believe all three elements need to be maximised. This can create a powerful and dynamic process for long term success and what we call New Balance. This is a balancing of sometimes paradoxical or competing things, such as the analytic and creative mindsets, inspirational and process driven practices, and a harmony between personal development and professional or organisational development.

There are two major problems we address in our coaching programs. First, the power of the creative mind has been neglected for many decades. Second, many people, both everyday people and professionals or executives say they want someone to talk to, a trusted friend or coach, but often fail to take the next step and get one. This is at odds with other areas, such as in sports or the arts, where a coach or mentor is common practice to achieve excellence. It is also consistent with ancient principles and practices of mastery.

Mastery occurs as two levels. First Internal Mastery- mastery of the self. Second External Mastery- mastery of the field, domain or discipline. Consistent with the ICF’s definition- both are needed. We believe, and are already seeing, a Second Renaissance in the power of the human mind through advances in technology and knowledge. Creative capacity, creative problem solving, such as via Design Thinking, will be core capacities of the individual and the organisation. No doubt, advances in AI will accelerate this trend. The scale and pace of business disruption will also facilitate this movement. In fact, in a 2018 survey of Australian business, KPMG found Digital and Innovation/ Disruption to be the top issue of concern for Australian businesses. Another key concern was found to be the need to build public trust, which is clearly linked to purpose.

Most importantly, learning how to creatively balance considerations that were once thought competing, will be the art and science of success in the 21st Century. This means harmonising personal success and professional or business success, often through a higher, clearer and more inclusive purpose.

Overview of our Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs are guided by the elements and principles flowing from the ICF definition, and squarely address the above issues, problems and trends. Our current top coaching programs are-

  1. Creativity & Innovation – Towards Creative Leadership. (Code: CIL)
  2. Finding your Personal Purpose. (Code: FPP).
  3. Building Organisational Trust and Purpose. (Code: OTP).
  4. Prolific- A Process for New Balance. (Code: PNB).
  5. Fixed and Growth Mindsets- Principles and Processes for Unlimited Potential. (Code: FGM).
  6. Reconstructing Beliefs, Values and Broken Scripts. (Code: BVS).
  7. Personal Customised Coaching Program. (Code: PCC).
  8. Professional, Executive or Business Customised Coaching Program (Code: ECC).

The last two programs are customisable by you. They are often scoped by the initial session, although this can be changed at any time by you. This gives us even greater adaptability to meet your particular concerns and needs, which can naturally change over time.

These programs are structured to be flexible and to suit your time commitments and particular needs. The default structure is a personal, one on one coaching program running for eight (8) weeks, with one 60 minute session per week, usually conducted by telephone or Skype. This time can be extended or condensed as you wish. If you want us to come to your premises, then this can also be arranged. Similarly for group programs for your management or executive team. We also have a Hybrid Coaching Program which is delivered partly online and partly through live coaching. Again we customise things to suit you.

“Creativity is as important as literacy.” – Sir Ken Robinson

Further Information

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We look forward to working with you.