Here is a shortlist of our key products-

  • Suburb Analyser – comprehensive analytical checklist which brings together varied quantitate and qualitative data sources, so you can find an emerging suburb before prices take off. We have designed this tool so it can be used efficiently, and in a way that is delegable in your team.
  • Property Investor Analyser – a thorough checklist of items you should analyse when buying an individual property. This is geared towards the general residential investor.
  • Property Developer Analyser– a thorough checklist of items you should analyse when buying an individual property. This is geared towards the property developer (medium density).
  • Property Investor Business Plan– every business needs a business plan or it is likely to fail, investors if they are professional, need the same. Often people lack clear strategic direction and a set of succinct goals. Then you need to link the properties you buy and your portfolio to the strategy and to your longer term goals. Your Property Investor Business Plan is a cornerstone document.
  • Developer’s Feasibility Analyser. This is spreadsheet for those looking to undertake a medium density residential development, such as a duplex, or a cluster of townhouses or villas. We have spent many years perfecting this one spreadsheet that makes entering and analysing all the numbers easy. It is thorough, and being a spreadsheet you require no specialist software, and there are no subscription fees.
  • Investors’ Return Analyser– too many buy and hold investors do not do they figures properly. Many do not understand properly what Gross Yield is and how it difference from Net Yield. They also do not adequately calculate passive income initially and over time. Now in one spreadsheet you can do all of this quickly and easily.

Cornerstone Tools

This shortlist are cornerstone tools all investors and developers need. Many are still wading through too much information and get distracted from the key data. Key data, makes for better decision making. You can then have more confidence in your decision-making. Importantly, you can be more proactive with your professional team, particularly your lenders.

Getting Information about Buying

This can be done in two steps-

  1. These products are only offered to our subscribers, you can subscribe below.
  2. Then visit our Contact page, and let us know which product you wish to purchase, or require further information about.

Remember this is only a shortlist. Information about other products and programs will be given to our subscribers.


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