Key Products


Here is a shortlist of our key products-

  • Mindset and Psychology for Traders and Investors. Learn how to develop a powerful, detached probability based mindset for effective trading and investing in the financial markets.
  • Decision Assist Tool (DAS) for Better Decision Making. A succinct, very powerful decision making tool for simple and complex decision making.
  • Mind maps for Creative Exploration. Learn how to use mind maps for a broader perspective, brain storming, creative thinking. Importantly then learn how to synthesise and pull things together for pointed and effective action taking.
  • Overcoming the Wall of Worry (WOW) in Property Investing. The Wall of Worry (WOW) is something all investors, especially property investors have. Essentially it is grounded in fear. Learn how to overcome common issues and fears by changing core beliefs, and building associated risk management processes.
  • A Universal System’s Edge (SE) Formula. We have innovatively developed a universal formula for a trading or investing system’s edge. Discover it, and then learn how to maximise its variables to build robust trading or investing systems.

Financial Markets

Here is a shortlist of our key products-

  • Stock Selection- Key Metrics. Finding a shortlist of key metrics to analyse when selecting stocks has been difficult for too long. We have researched stock selection in great detail for two decades at a fundamental, technical (chart based), and macroeconomic perspective. We have put all of this into a succinct checklist and Decision Assist (DAS) document for ease of use and consistency in decision-making.
  • Understanding Quantitate and Qualitative Analysis for Stocks. Selecting stocks requires understanding both quantitate and qualitative data. Learn the difference, and how to combine the key areas for better decision making. For example, assess management strengths and then compare this with key metrics, such as Earnings Per Share Growth (EPSG).
  • Portfolio Theory and Practice 101. Portfilio theory has been around for many years for investors in all markets. Understand the basics and core principles, so you can design and manage your own portfolio for better long term outcomes.
  • Business Plan for Traders and Investors. All traders and investors need to have a strategic business plan for success. Learn the key areas and get our bonus template.
  • How to Write Investment Plans. The Investment / Trading Plan sits atop the Business Plan. They are best kept as separate documents. Learn how to write one quickly and discover the bonus template.
  • Fundamental Analysis (FA) in Foreign Exchange (FX). Most traders or investors in FX rely on Technical Analysis (TA) being chart based analysis. Often the underlying drivers are fundamental. Learn the key FA data releases, and how they drive particular markets, as well as the ‘machine’ of global markets.
  • Mathematical Expectancy (ME) in Trading Systems. Mathematical Expectancy (ME) is a simple formula we all can use when calculating our Trading Edge. Learn about it and its variables, and then apply the formula to test and manage your own trading systems.
  • Understand & Calculate Risk of Ruin (ROR). A close cousin of Mathematical Expectancy (ME) is Risk of Ruin (ROR). Both need to be managed effectively. Learn the ROR formula and how to apply it for effective system design and management.
  • The Trader’s Simulator. The Trader’s Simulator is an open Excel spreadsheet that can allow us to test all key metrics of a trading plan or system. It includes metrics such as: Risk to Return Ratio (RRR), System Quality (Q), Mathematical Expectancy (ME), and Risk of Ruin (ROR). Having all of these in one place allows you to quickly see and maximise the variables. In addition, you can compare trading systems and see which are more likely to succeed long term.
  • Global Market Analysis (GMA). We regularly review all major global markets via a succinct document. This helps use decide if markets are ‘Risk On’ or ‘Risk Off’ and also make insightful anticipations of market movements. Learn how to do this yourself. Understanding the ‘machine’ of global markets is indeed a rare skill. This education and bonus tool make it easier and readily available. This will help you work ‘top down’ for all investing and trading activities.


Here is a shortlist of our key products-

  • Suburb Analyser – comprehensive analytical checklist which brings together varied quantitate and qualitative data sources, so you can find an emerging suburb before prices take off. We have designed this tool so it can be used efficiently, and in a way that is delegable in your team.
  • Property Investor Analyser – a thorough checklist of items you should analyse when buying an individual property. This is geared towards the general residential investor.
  • Property Developer Analyser– a thorough checklist of items you should analyse when buying an individual property. This is geared towards the property developer (medium density).
  • Property Investor Business Plan– every business needs a business plan or it is likely to fail, investors if they are professional, need the same. Often people lack clear strategic direction and a set of succinct goals. Then you need to link the properties you buy and your portfolio to the strategy and to your longer term goals. Your Property Investor Business Plan is a cornerstone document.
  • Developer’s Feasibility Analyser. This is spreadsheet for those looking to undertake a medium density residential development, such as a duplex, or a cluster of townhouses or villas. We have spent many years perfecting this one spreadsheet that makes entering and analysing all the numbers easy. It is thorough, and being a spreadsheet you require no specialist software, and there are no subscription fees.
  • Investors’ Return Analyser– too many buy and hold investors do not do they figures properly. Many do not understand properly what Gross Yield is and how it difference from Net Yield. They also do not adequately calculate passive income initially and over time. Now in one spreadsheet you can do all of this quickly and easily.

Cornerstone Tools

These shortlists are cornerstone tools all investors and traders need. Many are still wading through too much information and get distracted from the key data and knowledge. Key data and knowledge facilitate better, more efficient and consistent decision making. This will give you confidence, independence, and help you work more proactively with your professional team.

Getting Information about Buying

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