Three Wealth Pillars

When we think about how wealth has been created throughout history and today, we can see a simple structure become apparent. I call these the Three Wealth Pillars:

  1. Mindset
  2. Business
  3. Investing.

1. Mindset

By mindset, I mean developing the mind to create and perpetuate wealth. Mindset includes much of the development in recent years in the fields of Personal Growth, Positive Psychology, and Brain Science especially in the area of Neuroplasticity. However, the Mindset pillar also includes a more specialised area, which might be termed Wealth Mindset or Wealth Philosophy. This requires a specialised, creative mind, both at the rational and emotional levels to deeply understand and then create wealth at various levels. This includes wealth at the material level and also at the non-material level. By the latter, I include wealth that is aligned to a higher purpose- one that serves others, including our families, and our now global community. This is wealth that lasts and wealth that has meaning. I call this True Wealth. Having such as mindset immediately links to the two other wealth pillars: Business and Investing.

When we think this way, we see money and wealth quite differently to most people. A True Wealth mindset sees money as a means for growth. Growth personally and in what we do, especially in our businesses. Money therefore is just a means to achieve our higher purpose, our mission.

Consider this- some, if not all of the most successful entrepreneurs and business people created businesses which served. That is, businesses which helped others, the community in some particular way. From Henry Ford to Bill Gates or Steve Jobs- their vision was primarily about creating something which helped all of us- advance all of us.

If we did not have mobility through cars, the world would be a very different place. If we did not have the personal computer, or the internet, the world would be a very different place. When entrepreneurs focus their minds on serving first, then success usually follows.

Finding out how we and our enterprises serve is about finding this higher purpose. I call this our Primary Purpose. Our Primary Purpose should then inform and translate into the mission and vision of our businesses, which brings us to the next pillar.


Business is the main vehicle through which our Primary Purpose finds expression. If we focus on serving first, so will our enterprises. This creates an important alignment, which makes everything ‘seem right’. This gives us energy, usually a boundless energy to work through all of the usual problems all entrepreneurs face. The problems, especially at startup level, are all there for a reason: to ensure we learn, to ensure we become strong, and to ensure therefore the long term success of us, our people and our enterprise.

In this century, I believe we will see a fundamental shift towards the continued rise of the entrepreneur. Technology has and will continue to facilitate this global trend. There will be a continued movement away from jobs and large instructions towards people building both wealth and purpose in their enterprises.

Business is the primary means we can derive basic cash flow. But it is important the business is leveraged- leveraged in terms of not only money, but our time. The best businesses can largely operate without the entrepreneur. Systems and processes are at the heart of leverage. Digital technology can help here immensely now days. If we are a slave to our business, or if we ‘sell our time’, then this will not free up our time and head space to work ‘on the business’, rather than ‘in the business’.

The interesting, thing is that investors look for precisely this: businesses that are leveraged, because these business can scale. This is both at the product level and the process/systems level. So now we see the link between business and next wealth pillar.

3. Investing

Here I am talking about investing broadly- either in stocks or other financial markets, or the property market. All true investing, like business should be focused on helping to create something- create wealth or a benefit for ourselves, but primarily others. In this article I will focus on investing in stocks, which are of course businesses- the second wealth pillar.

When we invest in stocks, including IPO listings or pre-IPO investments through venture capital, we look at many things. Not only must the product, strategy, processes, financials and so forth all be sound, but the entrepreneur must show something special. I call this an X Factor. This factor relates directly to personal growth or the Mindset pillar. Some entrepreneurs have a focus, an energy, a limitless drive to not just prove the business can work, but to make a contribution- to serve. When we see this, we are immediately more attracted to the entrepreneur and the business. We also know from experience that businesses which solve important problems, business which serve in a significant way, are highly likely to be successful businesses in the long term.

Remembering that an investment in a stock is an investment in an actual business is easy to lose sight of. Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, risk management, global market conditions, and so on, can all cloud things. However, whether we invest in a blue chip, an IPO listing or a startup, we are all helping to create and build something. Again, the logic is simple- the more a company serves, the more likely it will be successful, the more likely customers will buy, the most likely will earnings improve, the more likely it will attract the best people or talent, the more likely it will grow strongly in the long term, and the more likely its stock price will rise. As a result, the risk taking, the vision, the commitment to higher purpose of both the entrepreneur and the investor are rewarded.

At this point, we see the importance of investors and business managers or entrepreneurs coming together- working together to create and build something special- something special that serves. This is the nexus of all three Wealth Pillars: Mindset, Business and Investing.

Regards, Lee M. Spano, Creatness International

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