Success and Work

“Success is sweet- but the work is sweeter.”

I remember having a conversation with a colleague a few years back, and I said to him, “It is the struggle that makes us great.” He did not really agree with the comment, and I never really understood why.

From experience and from all the business people, entrepreneurs, investors, traders I have ever met or worked with, they all had immense struggles. These struggles meant we had to work extremely hard before things took shape and before success began to arrive.

The struggles or challenges help us learn. The challenges help us grow. The challenges help us problem-solve. The challenges help us develop better creating thinking, better emotional intelligence, they help us seek out and find the best people to help our enterprises. The challenges serve many purposes. The challenges in life, in business and in investing make us work harder. And when we work harder, success is usually not too far away.

This is why I have always relished the work. Some people even say the journey, no matter how difficult, was often more enjoyable, more memorable than arriving at the destination. I agree with this in part. Results and milestones all matter, but ‘to arrive’ is the curse. The human, creative mind is not there to one day suddenly stop when we have enough or we think we have done enough. Continue serving, especially by heling others along the same path. It was never about having, rather it was and is about doing, creating, contributing- serving.

Help others not only achieve the sweetness of success, but to value and enjoy and sweetness of the struggle, the sweetness of the work. To love the work, to love our gifts, and our ‘craft’ is perhaps the simplest thing we can do to ensure we are both content and challenged every day in life and in business.

Regards, Lee M. Spano, Creatness International

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