Doubt, Thoughts and Stepping Stones

As my of my early morning study, I came across these two very important messages-

1) “Change your thoughts and you change the world.” – Norman Vincent Peale.

2) “When unhappy, one doubts everything; when happy, one doubts nothing.”- Joseph Roux.

If we put these two messages together, we can arrive at a simple, yet very powerful principle-

If we can manage happiness or emotional state, then we can manage thoughts, then we can change the world.

If our state is negative, then we feel not only deflated, but defeated. However, are negative feelings or how we perceive them accurate? Are feelings real? Is our perception of them real? If there is some uncertainty here, even if in part, then we can challenge and change feelings and perceptions. We can change how we see ourselves, and the world. When we manage feelings, then we can manage thoughts, and then we can unleash the power of the creative mind into the world.

These ideas touch on ancient principles in philosophy and modern psychology. Yet in our busy lives, particularly when we are preoccupied with work or business, we tend to think control is external. Yes there are some limits, some challenges, some obstacles, but I firmly believe, and history proves to us, all problems can be solved with the power of the creative mind.

We see it in science. For instance, putting a man on the moon in 1969 started with a presidential declaration of a vision. Scientists and engineers created solutions, overcame immense challenges, and reached the goal before the decade was out. Scientists and engineers then, and today, start with a vision, they mange individual and collective states, and they then create enabling thoughts. When these thoughts align with a powerful vision, many, if not all, challenges can be overcome.

We also see this in business today and throughout history. Bill Gates’ vision of putting a computer on every desk in the 1980s not only come true, but it has expanded into the internet, connectivity, global markets, and now advanced to AI and virtual reality. That one vision has created the platform for the 21st Century.

The powerful principle above is worth stating again, and should be at the fore of our daily thinking-

If we can manage happiness or emotional state, then we can manage thoughts, then we can change the world.

The consequence of this principle is clear- we can overcome any challenge or obstacle. Control is internal first, not external.

So, in your day today, what is your state? If you are an executive, government official, manager, marketer, contractor, mum, dad or teenager, what is your state? What are the powerful thoughts that are just waiting to rise to the surface and marry with your vision? What is the vision you have for your life, your family, your enterprise and your community?

When people unite around a powerful vision, the business, organisation, community or team can indeed change the world. Doubt only exists if we give it air. When vision and creativity empower us, there is no space left for doubt. To aim high becomes natural, because limitations are just an illusion. Challenges are our stepping stones.


Lee Spano, Founder & CEO

Creatness International,

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