Purpose-led businesses are growing quickly around the world. They are moving out of their traditional Philanthropic or Social Enterprise (SE) based beginnings, and slowing becoming the centre of all business and investing activities. Today I want to share with you an inspirational video from Feike Sijbesma, a leading businessman from The Netherlands, the current chairman of DSM, and a designated Global Climate Leader for the World Bank Group.

When purpose is put first in our minds, our work, our enterprises a new world opens. In my recent article, Sustainability Will be Bigger Than the Internet we spoke about a 4P framework: Purpose- Planet, People, Profit. This framework integrates purpose and service. It creates alignment and balance. It is as if capitalism has only been working on one cylinder in recent decades. Capitalism 2.0, Creative Capitalism, the Third Industrial Revolution, whatever terms we use, the simple message is: purpose empowers.

The link to Feike Sijbesma’s talk at the One Young World Summit in the Hague in October 2018 can be found here. He tells us about his experiences, and his use of the power of creative thinking and business, to solve problems such as hunger and malnutrition. He asks us the hard questions. He challenges us to find a universal responsibility to each other and our world. It is not just about vision, it is about taking focused, practical action. It is about freeing us from old, limited ideas and frameworks of last century. The video is truly inspirational, and I encourage you to watch and share it with others.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations give us a set of goals with a due date, 2030. No poverty is SDG1. Zero Hunger is SDG2. Good Health and Well-Being is SDG3. For all of the SDGs you might like to visit SDG Compass: https://sdgcompass.org/sdgs/. Entrepreneurs, managers, investors and others like Feike Sijbesma see the power of not just purpose led work and enterprise, but the power of the SDGs. By focusing on one or a few of the SDGs in specialist business projects, transformational change is enabled.

Case studies such as the life and work of Feike Sijbesma, coupled with the SDGs, are now building strong momentum. People, enterprise, nature, life are all works in progress. Constant improvement- Kaizen coupled with purpose build creative capacity and adaptability. They build resilience and sustainability. They are a light for unity.

“No one can be successful in a world that fails.” – Feike Sijbesma

By Lee Spano, Creatness International www.creatness.com



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