Profit, Purpose and People

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a Game Changers event featuring Dr Rolf Gomes of Heart of Australia. The seminar was engaging and inspirational.

Dr Rolf Gomes, a cardiologist, is the founder of Heart of Australia. His organisation brings specialist medical services to regional areas via large, custom fit vehicles. The service is similar to the Flying Doctor service, but on wheels. His life and enterprise reminded me of Dr Fred Hollows. A life of dedication and serving others first. This gave him the drive to challenge the status quo, innovate and disrupt.

One of the key discussions centred on the idea of Social Enterprise (SE). He was asked to compare the importance of the business case with the social case. He replied by saying, he saw the social case first, and then built the business case around it.

This reminded me of the idea of Capitalism 2.0. Something I have been focused on for many years now. Can traditional profit and shareholder centric companies take a broader, holistic approach and put the social and/or environmental case, alongside the business case?

We are slowly starting to see this in customer-centric models coming out of the tech sector, such as the Agile Method, now used by leading companies such as Microsoft.

When we identify profit, purpose and people, I believe we have the potential to build more powerful, dynamic, adaptable organisations. This also occurs at the individual level- first. In all cases, it involves clarity of vision and challenging conventional thinking to better serve.

“Do something worthwhile and break the mould.”- Dr Rolf Gomes

By Lee Spano, Creatness International 


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