Our work in the Fintech space is focused on helping to address the problems of Financial Literacy, the Wealth Gap and growing financial and social inequality in countries such as Australia and the United States. We believe through education and innovative technology we can help to build the bridge, so the everyday person can achieve Financial Independence for Legacy and Lifestyle (FILL).

Currently, we have several Fintech projects we are working on. They include-

  • FI Master. An integrated tool to help you define Financial Independence (FI), and then to build integrated processes to achieve it.
  • Budget Watch. A simple, flexible and comprehensive expense manager integrated with your FI Master. This will give you extraordinary knowledge and control over all your finances and financial goals.
  • Global Market Analyser.  Conduct your own macroeconomic or global market analysis easily as part of your top down approach to stock or ETF selection and portfolio management.
  • Stock Selector. Using the Pure Value Investing (PVI) methodology, analyse any stock thoroughly and efficiently, perhaps better than many professional fund managers.
  • ETF Selector. Conduct your own due diligence on index and like funds accessible through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), to then build a simple, safe wealth creation machine.
  • Investment Manager. Store all stock, ETF and like data in one place, to then easily manage your portfolio every six or twelve months, for example, when re-balancing your portfolio.

If you would like further information on any of these Fintech projects, simply contact us.

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