Australian Inspiring Greentech- Exporting Solar to Singapore

There has been recent news of inspiring and visionary Australian entrepreneurs looking to create new export opportunities in Greentech.

David Griffiin of Sun Cable recently spoke about creating one of the largest solar farms in the world in the Northern Territory, and exporting to South East Asia, in particular Singapore. The proposed solar farm would be over 15,000 hectares and be backed by a 10 gigawatt plant. It would export clean renewable energy via under sea cables. (Fulloon & Razik 2019).

This project along with others, are starting to gain global momentum. There is an increasing appetite amongst entrepreneurs and investors to begin to position Australia as a key green energy provider. One that is capable of providing clean energy to fast growing countries in Asia.

This has three important consequences-

  1. Building new export lines as Australia transitions away from fossil fuels.
  2. Moving domestic energy needs away from fossil fuels, and allowing Australia to become energy independent.
  3. Allowing Australia to move from a slow start, more rapidly towards a Sustainable Economy (SE).

Such projects are not unlike German projects of the 1990s and 2000s where entrepreneurs sought to create solar farms in the north of Africa to power Germany and other large areas of Continental Europe.

It is precisely this degree of vision that Australia needs right now. Creativity, vision and the linking of the business and investment engines, to change mindsets, build new wealth, and most importantly, accelerate climate change action.

By Lee Spano, Creatness International



Fulloon, S and Razik, N 2019, ‘Australian Sunshine Could Soon Be Farmed To Power An Asian Nation’, 24 August 2019, viewed 22 January 2020, <>.