We work mainly in business coaching, particularly leadership or executive coaching. We specialise in the important area of innovation coaching.

Here are a few special things we can help you with-

  • Creative Mind. Utilising the power of the creative mind in unison with the analytic mind.
  • Silos. Breaking down silos and Silo Thinking, often the residue of 20th Century education and institutions.
  • Meta Thinking. Working from more abstract or meta levels, and then moving to specific levels.
  • Barrier Breaking. Breaking through barriers and perceptions for innovation and higher standards of success.
  • Innovation and Disruption. How to deal with innovation in your industry, and be ready for Disruption.
  • Strategy21. Strategy development in the 21st Century- harnessing global trends, finding niches and overlooked opportunities.
  • Idea Generation. Idea generation, testing, refinement, and then commercialisation.
  • Entrepreneur’s Journey. Understanding what we call The Entrepreneur’s Journey, moving through recognisable cognitive barriers and biases, to develop the Entrepreneur’s Mindset for long term success.
  • Intrapreneurship. How to apply entrepreneurship in your larger corporation or organisation.
  • Problem Solving. Problem solving and problem stripping, mind mapping and then solution design.
  • Time21. Beyond time management- time structuring, themes and robust planning, we call this Time21- Time Design for the 21st Century, including the integration of simple digital tools.
  • Minimalism and Flow. How to streamline and simplify things in your mind, work and life to find what truly matters, carve out a One Thing (OT) Focus, move towards flow, and then truly excel.
  • Engagement21. How to move beyond the marketing principles and methods of last century, and build genuine, lasting relationships online and offline with your ‘tribe’- clients, customers, associates, strategy allies, and others. We call this Engagement21- Engagement in the globalised and digitally connected 21st Century.
  • 3P. How to balance Purpose, People and Profit (The 3P Principle) for long term, sustainable success.
  • Highest Purpose. Finding your highest purpose personally, and then integrating it with your enterprise.
  • True Wealth. Understanding the principles and practices of True Wealth, applying them personally and in your business to achieve new balance, and to thrive.

We service, particularly in our coaching services Brisbane Queensland Australia, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and other Australian capitals, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide. We are currently working on delivering specific international products and services, particularly in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, and India.

If you have a specific area or issue, or wish to make a booking, please Contact us.


“You can get in way more trouble with a good idea than a bad idea, because you forget that the good idea has limits.” – Benjamin Graham.