Book Club


Welcome to the Creatness Book Club. Here we do not want to be like any other book club- we want to do things differently. We are prolific readers of books, especially eBooks and today believe the modern book is still one of the most efficient and powerful mediums. So we have selected some of the most important books on the planet to inspire you, and help your and your organisation grow.

These are books we have examined closely, so they are not listed lightly. We know most of us are pressed for time, and so we want only the best for our members and visitors. Remember, you can purchase them as either paper books or eBooks. We prefer eBooks because we can read them anywhere and on any device, including our smart phones. We can also save our highlights and notes, and centralise these into a database. We already have built innovative processes in this regard. This means we and our people will never lose the creative ideas, insights and knowledge from the modern book. This centralisation of knowledge and ideas is part what we call our Creative Capital. It is an invaluable asset, and trust you will also view books and their use in the same way. Books therefore are more of a part of our lives today than ever before.

Book of the Month

Each month we will take one or two of the most important books from our library and review it for you. We hope this will allow you to make better decisions of, not only about what to read, but what you will entice your team, and expand your creative capacity and vision. Think of us as a trusted and convenient filter for you, because the volume of books out there today is not shrinking. The 21st Century is already demanding we be at the cutting edge of the most innovative ideas and minds on the planet. Now technology, if used innovatively, makes this possible and easier than ever before.


September 2017 Book Review

Vance, Ashlee, ‘Elon Musk’ (2015)

This book is a recent New York Times best seller. Deservedly so. Ashlee Vance gives us a thorough and candid record of the life and work of one of our most inspiring entrepreneurs. From early struggles in South Africa to a man who plans to help us colonise Mars, and simultaneously address climate change through electric cars and renewable energy. This work is a testimony to the audacity of vision and creativity.

Retailers: Amazon (Intnl); Barnes & Noble (US); Booktopia (Au).


August 2017 Book Review

Clay, Alexa & Phillips, Kyra, ‘Misfit Economy’ (2015)

Clay and Phillips, I believe coin two new terms in this book. First, Informal Entrepreneurs. Second, Misfit Economy. They compile many case studies of creative entrepreneurs who have done extraordinary things in business, particularly online or in other digital technologies. These case studies taken together give us an important body of evidence. This evidence proves anyone can succeed in business, notwithstanding his or her background. In fact, it seems you are more likely to succeed if you have to face many challenges, if you lack privilege, or if you do not ‘fit’ conventional thinking, paradigms or institutions. It has always been in the struggle that makes us strong. In the information age of the 21st Century, which is likely to morph into the Creative Age, not fitting, not following the crowd, gives us an important edge. This edge is our niche. This niche is our purpose.

Retailers: Amazon (Intnl); Barnes & Noble (US); Booktopia (Au).


July 2017 Book Review

Ferriss, Timothy, ‘Tools of Titans’ (2016)

Tim Ferris wrote the life design ground breaker, ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ in 2007. His latest book, ‘Tools of Titans’ is a huge anthology of interviews he has conducted with some of the most creative and innovative people on the planet. Each chapter gives us their unique perspective or Tim’s reflections on key issues. I found this book like a friend you want to have close by at all times. The sheer diversity of creativity compels us to find our own special voice, our uniqueness, our special gift, and bring it to the world. There is ample testimony here to dispel the voice of doubt we all have. The leaders here all began as ordinary people. Nearly all had significant challenges and setbacks. Yet they overcame. They rose. They are clear testimony to the fact, the struggle makes us great.

Retailers: Amazon (Intnl); Barnes & Noble (US); Booktopia (Au).


June 2017 Book Review

Coelho, Paulo, ‘The Alchemist’ (25th Edition 2014)

This is a classic book for all of us dealing with some of the most important aspects of the human condition. The author has chosen a fable as the format. It appears to be a simple story, yet as you read on, you realise the book operates at two or more levels. Suddenly some words and sentences stop you in your tracks, and make you reassess some of the most important questions in life, such as: ‘what is my purpose?’ ‘Where is the treasure I am chasing?’ The history of the book is also interesting, and suggests it might be autobiographical. It was originally published in 1988 by the Brazilian author, Paul Coelho, and failed. Only by chance was it re-published in the US, and in 2016 it became an international bestseller, and has been translated into some 70 languages.

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