Welcome to our Book Club. Here we note some of the most important books from our large private library. This list is intended to be only key books, ‘must haves’, or books that have broken new ground.

Finance & Business

Balkin, Jeremy, Investing with Impact, 2015

Bassanese, David, The Australian ETF Guide, 2016

Clitheroe, Paul, Making Money, 2011

Collins, JL, The Simple Path to Wealth, 2016

Graham, Benjamin, The Intelligent Investor, Fourth Revised Edition, 1971

Graham, Benjamin and Dodd, David, Securities Analysis, Sixth Edition, 2009

Greenwald, Brice, et al, Value Investing, 2004

Buffett, Warren and Cunningham, Lawrence, Editor, The Essays of Warren Buffet, 1997

Hagstrom, Robert, The Warren Buffett Way, Third Edition, 2014

Ries, Eris, The Lean Startup, 2011

Tharp, Van, Super Trader, 2011

Economics & Society

Reich, Robert, The Common Good, 2018

Rifkin, Jeremy, Zero Marginal Cost Society, 2014

Rifkin, Jeremy, The Third Industrial Revolution, 2011

Tapscott, Don, The Digital Economy, 1995

Mindset & Beyond

Coelho, Paulo, The Alchemist, 1988

Covey, Stephen, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, 1989

Dalio, Ray, Principles: Life and Work, 2017

Dweck, Carol, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, 2006

Dyer, Wayne, Change your Thoughts: Change your Life, 2007

Ferriss, Timothy, Tools of Titans, 2016

Greene, Robert, Mastery, 2012

Hawking, Stephen, Brief Answers to the Big Questions, 2018

Kahneman, Daniel, Thinking Fast and Slow, 2011

Keller, Gary and Papasan, Jay, The One Thing, 2013

Robinson, Ken, Out of our Minds: The Power of Being Creative, Third Edition, 2017

Tolle, Eckhart, A New Earth, 2005