True Wealth Creation

Welcome. We are focused on the worsening problem of Financial Literacy, and the widening Wealth Gap in Australia, the United States and beyond. We help you with practical and easy to use financial education and key resources.

Our mission is to help all people achieve financial independence. This gives us the freedom and power to lead lives aligned with purpose, and to creatively design a lifestyle for ourselves and our families. Financial Independence for Legacy and Lifestyle- FILL.

Today we are bombarded with so much information, online and offline, misinformation, differing opinions, and plain bad information. We are caught between people trying to sell us ‘Get Rich Quick Schemes’ and the industry, who does not always have our best interests at heart.

We can easily become confused, and do not know what to do. We are frozen in the day-to-day, ‘trying to get ahead’, and often we put wealth creation in the too hard basket. Many of us simply suffer from poor financial habits, or we do things based on unproven knowledge.

We help you to find a time tested, clear, simple path that works. We help you become financially educated and literate. This gives you power and control. It helps you achieve what we call True Wealth. We are focused on empowerment and independence, and so we do not provide advice. This allows you to do things yourself, or work with your professional team.

Part of our vision is to help you use this knowledge to build your own True Wealth Machine. This is a process or system, you can apply easily and consistently. Today simple spreadsheets can be used, however, in time more advanced technology or Fintech will assist even further.

We are currently building our Independent Financial Research Centre (IFRC). The objective of this centre is to continue our research and innovation, particularly in the financial markets, and to share them with you. This will allow all of us to be at the cutting edge of market cycles, company fundamentals, and creative, often contrarian strategies. The centre will be a strong, continuing foundation to develop our education and resources, including Fintech tools.

Here are just a few ways we can help you-

  • Simple Path. Design a simple path for your financial independence, and then help your children do the same. In some cases, people can plan their financial independence in 10 to 20 years, even if they are not earning high incomes.
  • Legacy & Lifestyle. Learn how to link financial independence with legacy and lifestyle. Do this during your journey, not at the end. Re-define ‘retirement’ as a dynamic time in your life, where you can live a life of purpose and creatively design a lifestyle of your choosing.
  • Sound Financial Principles. Make better decisions based on sound financial principles and education, for instance, learn how to save regularly to then invest safely for long term wealth creation.
  • Time Tested. The education and resources we provide, are time tested, based on over 20 years of practical research and experience in finance and the financial markets.
  • Avoid Traps. Education and control helps you to avoid schemes or financial traps promoted by ‘experts’ or other players. Recent government and other enquiries have made it clear, we need greater financial knowledge to avoid such pitfalls.
  • DIY or Team. You can either do things yourself, or work with your carefully selected professional team. However, now through education you are in control, and so you can better instruct your team accordingly.
  • The Simple. We cover simple things, such as budgeting. There is evidence around that many people have a budget, but most people do not manage it properly. We can help here by giving you a simple management tool that directly links budgeting to regular savings, then to investing, and then to a financial independence goal. It is this integration that is the key to consistency and long term success.
  • The Complex. We also cover more complex things. For example, how to select an appropriate stock, using what we call Pure Value Investing (PVI) based on classic principles from Ben Graham and Warren Buffett.
  • Mindset. Mindset is crucial for success in any area of life or work. In finance, it is often neglected. We can help you by identifying what are called cognitive biases, and then finding simple, practical ways to manage them. Most importantly, we build motivation and discipline by linking finance to purpose.
  • 21st Century and Sustainability. We are very much committed to the principles of sustainability, and like you, are concerned with other important issues of our time, such as Climate Change. We believe True Wealth Creation is a key piece in the puzzle. For instance, in ‘living lightly’ on our planet, we find more in less. In less, we find ourselves.

By helping others link authenticity, finance and purpose, we humbly hope to distil a higher Creative Consciousness- Creatness. We believe when we all thrive, we all rise. In greater vision and potential, in unity, we can better meet the challenges of our lives and our time.


Lee Spano is the founder of Creatness International www.creatness.com . He has a broad range of knowledge and experience, now spanning nearly 30 years. He has worked in several sectors, including: finance, law and property. In finance, Lee has specialised experience in stocks, options, futures and foreign exchange markets, where he has built robust investing and trading systems. In property, he has developed property, particularly medium density residential property in Australia. In 1990, Lee started out as a lawyer in Sydney, Australia, and specialised in Commercial Law.

Lee holds several degrees and other awards from leading institutions, such as the University of Sydney. These cover disciplines such as: Finance, Business, Law, Mathematics and Psychology. He has a commitment to lifelong learning through research, innovation, and engaging with fellow travellers. Professionalism, integrity, social justice, creativity and serving others have become enduring values. On a personal note, Lee has a passion for family, community, nature and Art Photography.

Lee has written widely over the years, and his latest book is ‘True Wealth – Principles and Practices’ (Amazon –International ; Booktopia –Australia ; Barnes & Noble -USA). Here a new paradigm of thought for lasting prosperity and success is presented. It is based on extensive research and experience, drawing on many fields, ranging from science to philosophy, business and economics. He helps us to re-define what we mean by wealth and success, and then empowers us to achieve so much more in business and in life.

For Lee’s full biography, click here.

“If you are looking for someone to explain the financial markets in an easy to understand manner, I highly recommend Lee Spano. As the Events and Member Services Coordinator of the Australian Investors Association, I have called on Lee’s expertise many times to do presentations at our Annual National Conference as well as at our Information Meetings. Lee is also a regular article contributor to our quarterly magazine and Facebook page. Lee’s presentation style is excellent and his knowledge of the financial markets is excellent.” – Donna Meadows, AIA Events and Member Services Coordinator.

 “Lee Spano has written many informative and engaging investment articles for Australian Resources and Investment magazine.” – Eden Cox, Editor Australian Resources and Investment Journal.

 “With a broad background in Business and Law, Lee offers a range of information and educational products to the business and investing community. As an experienced Trader and Investor, he has been an active developer and innovator of trading systems for derivatives. He shares his expertise through published articles in journals and magazines. Lee has contributed his marketing expertise to the Australian Investors Association, through his membership of the Marketing Committee.”- Bill Dodd, Private Investor.

 “As an industry professional I found working with Lee Spano, firstly on the Brisbane Chapter of the ATAA and then with the ATAA National Board, to be highly professional and his experience in marketing and member recruitment to be exemplary. The concepts put forward to be highly effective and achievable and in this regard I would highly recommend Lee’s services. As a co-member of the ATAA and attending Lee’s presentations, particularly in the area of increasing wealth creation through a disciplined and a systematic approach, to be clear and concise, with an emphasis on professionalism to be hugely beneficial to any private trader or professional.”- Dean Smith, Private Client Advisor- Options Specialist, Former President of the ATAA Brisbane Chapter and Director of the National ATAA Board.

“Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community.”- Andrew Carnegie.