Our business was founded in 2003 by Lee M. Spano. His experience as a professional, private investor covers some two decades. Unlike many others, he has significant knowledge and experience in both the stock and property markets.

In the financial markets, he has considerable experience in stocks, options, CFDs, currencies and futures. He uses stocks as the principal asset class when it comes to investing. For more advanced purposes, such as hedging, he uses currencies, futures or select derivatives.

In property, Lee’s experience began in the 1990s in Sydney Australia. Here he learnt the essentials of property investing and development. His experience and success are mainly in residential property, which has proved to be an enduring asset class.

By covering both stock and property investing, he is able to see the pros and cons of each asset class objectively. He can also see where they can complement in a wider portfolio or strategic approach.

Lee holds several degrees and other awards from leading institutions, such as the University of Sydney. At the personal level, Lee places ethics, growth, creativity and higher learning at the fore of all he does. He is passionate about utilising technology to serve and empower others, and in sharing the rare knowledge and experience he has acquired over many years.



“With a broad background in Business and Law, Lee offers a range of information and educational products to the business and investing community. As an experienced trader and investor, he has been an active developer and innovator of trading systems for derivatives. He shares his expertise through published articles in journals and magazines. Lee has contributed his marketing expertise to the Australian Investors Association, through his membership of the Marketing Committee.” Bill Dodd, Private Investor.

“As an industry professional I found working with Lee Spano, firstly on the Brisbane Chapter of the ATAA and then with the ATAA National Board, to be highly professional and his experience in marketing and member recruitment to be exemplary. The concepts put forward to be highly effective and achievable and in this regard I would highly recommend Lee’s services. As a co-member of the ATAA and attending Lee’s presentations, particularly in the area of increasing wealth creation through a disciplined and a systematic approach, to be clear and concise, with an emphasis on professionalism to be hugely beneficial to any private trader or professional.” – Dean Smith, Private Client Advisor & Past President of the ATAA Brisbane.

“Know what you own, and know why you own it.” – Peter Lynch.