Our Firm

We provide creative property solutions for investors, developers and property buyers. These include: education, analytical tools, specialist information and insights, strategy and access to opportunities and support via our professional teams or our community.

We specialise in residential, usually medium density, property strategies in Australia for both yield and growth outcomes. Some areas we can help you-

  • Independent & Credible You are looking for independent, comprehensive and credible education from highly experienced and trustworthy Property Entrepreneurs. These are like minds- fellow investors, developers or specialist buyers. This is also our supportive community.
  • Better Analysis. You looking for analytical tools, such as checklists, spreadsheets, templates that are far beyond the plethora of too simple tools currently out there. For example, you may be interested in finding out more about our Suburb Analyser- a comprehensive analytical checklist which brings together varied quantitate and qualitative data sources, so you can find an emerging suburb before prices take off. We have designed this tool so it can be used efficiently, and in a way that is delegable in your team.
  • Strategy for Long Term Wealth Creation. You are currently need to create a better property investment strategy that can effectively balance Growth (G) and Yield (Y) Strategies for long term wealth creation.
  • Opportunities Before the Competition. You want to find development and other deals or opportunities before the massive competition that is now out there. Further, you want to be able to source them efficiently using the latest technology.
  • Professional Team. You need support from specialist professional teams in the property industry who understand and are highly experienced in property investing and development.
  • Mindset. You need to overcome, what is often called the Wall of Fear. Learn how to manage risk and seize opportunities as they arise. The mindset of the Property Entrepreneur is both creative and analytical. Learn about cutting edge mindset techniques, so you can grow and be more effective every day.
  • True Wealth. You want to create financial independence, and at the same time creatively design a life of purpose for you and your family. You want to use excess wealth for things that matter to you, such as a specific philanthropic purpose. This creates perpetual wealth. It creates wealth that matters through community and cause. We call this True Wealth.


Our Founder

Lee Spano is the founder and CEO of Creatness International. Lee has specialist and diversified knowledge and experience now spanning some 25 years. He has worked in several fields, including: law, property, finance and technology. This diversity gives him insightful macro and micro perspectives- essential nowdays for successful Property Entrepreneurs. Further, it has helped him build creative and analytical capacities, that when combined give him, his team and his community a long term edge.

Lee started out as a commercial lawyer in 1990 in Sydney, Australia. He holds several degrees, and other awards from leading institutions, such as the University of Sydney. Most importantly, he is committed to lifelong learning and growth through innovation, business building, and engaging with other entrepreneurs and business leaders. As a consequence, creativity, integrity, excellence, persistence, and an ethos of service or contribution, have become enduring values.

In property, Lee has extensive knowledge and experience in investing and development. This includes:

  • Specialist medium density residential property development including project management and financial management.
  • Investment / development strategy formation for both growth and yield in one project or over a portfolio;
  • Significant analytical experience including financial, feasibility, trends and other qualitative analysis;
  • Property finance applications – simple and complex;
  • Property sales and marketing including, strategy, target market identification, brand design, and project advertising campaigns;
  • Town planning- research, plan preparation and associated liaison with consultants and council;
  • Site research, due diligence and assessment- feasibility and associated financial analysis; finance raising, management and associated liaison with financiers;
  • Legal and risk management including contractual matters, entity structuring, dispute resolution, and specialist finance and property issues, such as title sub-divisions.
  • Specialist research into climate change and sustainability across industry sectors, particularly the property sector. The Sustainable Developer as Lee calls it, brings us to the cutting edge of innovation in property. This can not only assist sales, but allow builders, developers and investors contribute positively to our planet.
  • Highly experienced negotiator in simple and complex transactions, where Lee is often able to carve out creative win-win-win outcomes.
  • Team formation, management and leadership, particularly managing a wide array of contractors, advisors, and government officers.

Rarely, Lee also has specialised knowledge and experience of over 20 years in the financial markets. This includes the following markets and instruments: stocks (Australian and US), options, Contracts for Difference (CFDs), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), futures and foreign exchange. Here he has build innovative investing and trading plans, and associated systems for long term wealth creation.

By understanding deeply both the property and financial markets, this gives Lee a unique insight into macro and micro economic issues, including short and longer term market cycles. For example, the impact of corrections in the financial markets and their impact on local property markets. In addition, it allows him to have an over-arching investor’s perspective, such as learning how to achieve and balance the often competing objectives of growth and yield.

Lee has written widely over the years, and his latest book is ‘True Wealth – Principles and Practices’http://amzn.to/2rPMVzc . Here a new paradigm of thought for lasting prosperity and success is presented. It is based on extensive research and experience, drawing on many fields, ranging from science to philosophy, business and economics. He helps us to re-define what we mean by wealth and success, and then empowers us to achieve so much more in business and in life. Lee’s writing has been featured on several blog and other websites; his current main blog can be found at: http://creatness.com/blog/ .

On a personal note, Lee has a passion for family, community, landscape and fine art photography.


“Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community.”- Andrew Carnegie.


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