Our Firm

Creatness International was founded in 2003 by Lee Spano, an entrepreneur, writer and coach. We are passionate about helping you harness the power of the creative or innovative mind to achieve simplicity and success in your businesses and your lives.

Areas of our work include:

  • Products– Educational products, books, resources, tools, free and bonus items, training, mentoring, specialist courses.
  • Coaching– Business coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, innovation coaching, motivation or performance coaching.
  • Community– Networking opportunities and connecting with our unique community of highly successful individuals and businesses, including our MasterMind Groups.

We help entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders, CEOs, business executives, business owners, business managers and everyday people to innovate and achieve so much more than they thought possible.

We service, particularly in our coaching services Brisbane Queensland Australia, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and other Australian capitals, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide. We are currently working on delivering specific international products and services, particularly in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, and India.

Our mission is to empower you through mindset, innovation and other cutting edge education, coaching and opportunities from our global community, so you can thrive in the 21st Century. What makes us different is our evidence based approach, an emphasis on simplicity and practicality, and the values underpinning all we do.

Our values and core beliefs are-

  • Creative Mind. Utilising the power of the creative mind in unison with the analytic mind.
  • Enlightened Entrepreneurship. Through creativity, innovation and Enlightened Entrepreneurship, we can all improve the world, even if just a little.
  • Abundance. Abundance begins from within, and from abundance we have freedom.
  • Success. Success is multidimensional and is best achieved when we focus on service and purpose.
  • Integrity. Honest and integrity at all times.
  • Minimalism. Minimalism and simplicity are usually more efficient and sustainable.
  • Client Centred. A client centred business foundation.
  • Professionalism. The highest of professional standards and degrees of service.
  • Kaizen. Constant improvement (Kaizen) and pursuing excellence.
  • Passion. Passion and instilling joy in work and in life.
  • Purpose. Infusing meaning and a higher purpose in all we do.
  • Empowerment. Embracing equality and humility empowers all of us.
  • 3P. Balancing Purpose, People and Profit (The 3P Principle) is fundamental in business.
  • True Wealth. Our principle of True Wealth drives us, and guides why we are here.


Our Founder

Lee Spano is an entrepreneur and writer. He has built several innovative businesses over the years, and is the founder of Creatness International, www.creatness.com, which provides education, coaching and networking opportunities for other entrepreneurs and like minds. Lee’s passion and speciality are in the areas of Mindset and Innovation. He sees these as the key overarching domains of coming decades.

Lee’s knowledge and experience over the past twenty (20) years is extensive and diverse. He has worked in several sectors, including: law, property, finance and technology. This diversity gives him an insightful macro perspective, and allows him to spot disruptive and long tail opportunities.

In finance, Lee has specialist experience in stocks, futures and foreign exchange markets, where he has built robust investing and trading systems. In property, Lee has developed property, particularly medium density residential property in Australia. In tech, Lee pioneered innovative online B2B networking models for professionals in the early 1990s.

Lee started out as a lawyer in 1990 in Sydney, Australia. He holds several degrees and other awards from leading institutions, such as the University of Sydney covering a number of disciplines, including philosophy, psychology, law, business, finance and mathematics. In addition, Lee has been immersed in the field of Personal Development for many years, and is an NLP Certified Practitioner. He is committed to lifelong learning and growth through innovation, business building, and engaging with other entrepreneurs and business leaders. As a consequence, creativity, integrity, excellence, persistence, and an ethos of service or contribution, have become enduring values.

Lee has written widely over the years, and his latest book is True Wealth – Principles and Practices. Here a new paradigm of thought for lasting prosperity and success is presented. It is based on extensive research and experience, drawing on many fields, ranging from science to philosophy, business and economics. He helps us to re-define what we mean by wealth and success, and then empowers us to achieve so much more in business and in life. Lee’s writing has been featured on several blog and other websites; his current main blog can be found at the Creatness Blog page.

On a personal note, Lee has a keen interest in, and a commitment to: family, community, landscape, books, personal growth, the creative mind, philosophy, chess, art photography, and ambient music.


“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein