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At Creatness International our purpose is to help investors and business people invest better and make informed, insightful decisions through premium research and education.

We are independent. Our work is cutting edge, pragmatic and can be readily applied. We focus on what we call the Three Pillars-

  1. Mindset – including cognitive biases, Investor Psychology, and linking enterprise with purpose and vision.
  2. Markets– mainly Australian and US stocks, helping you combine company fundamentals, technical analysis, and the global economy.
  3. Property– here we are focus on the Australian property market, and provide research, education and tools to help the novice and seasoned investor alike.

We have been at the coalface of investing and business for over 20 years. We have extensive networks both locally and globally. We are a values based business, and we are trusted.

Helping You

Everyday investors and business people now find it more difficult than ever to find reliable research and education about how to invest in the stock market or in real estate, or key information concerning the local or global economy. There is now too much distracting information, too much misinformation, and this often leaves investors and decision makers confused, fearful and frustrated.

Our solution is to provide one convenient place to help you find the rare research, education and tools you need. We help the everyday and seasoned investor alike in the stock market or in real estate with simple, safe and affordable research and education, so they create true wealth for the long term.

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“Change your thoughts and you change the world.” – Norman Vincent Peale.


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