Creative Property Solutions

We provide creative property solutions for investors, developers and property buyers. These include: education, analytical tools, specialist information and insights, strategy and access to opportunities and support via our professional teams or our community.

We specialise in residential, usually medium density, property strategies in Australia for both yield and growth outcomes. Some areas we can help you-

  • Independent & Credible You are looking for independent, comprehensive and credible education from highly experienced and trustworthy Property Entrepreneurs. These are like minds- fellow investors, developers or specialist buyers. This is also our supportive community.
  • Better Analysis. You looking for analytical tools, such as checklists, spreadsheets, templates that are far beyond the plethora of too simple tools currently out there. For example, you may be interested in finding out more about our Suburb Analyser- a comprehensive analytical checklist which brings together varied quantitate and qualitative data sources, so you can find an emerging suburb before prices take off. We have designed this tool so it can be used efficiently, and in a way that is delegable in your team.
  • Strategy for Long Term Wealth Creation. You are currently need to create a better property investment strategy that can effectively balance Growth (G) and Yield (Y) Strategies for long term wealth creation.
  • Opportunities Before the Competition. You want to find development and other deals or opportunities before the massive competition that is now out there. Further, you want to be able to source them efficiently using the latest technology.
  • Professional Team. You need support from specialist professional teams in the property industry who understand and are highly experienced in property investing and development.
  • Mindset. You need to overcome, what is often called the Wall of Fear. Learn how to manage risk and seize opportunities as they arise. The mindset of the Property Entrepreneur is both creative and analytical. Learn about cutting edge mindset techniques, so you can grow and be more effective every day.
  • True Wealth. You want to create financial independence, and at the same time creatively design a life of purpose for you and your family. You want to use excess wealth for things that matter to you, such as a specific philanthropic purpose. This creates perpetual wealth. It creates wealth that matters through community and cause. We call this True Wealth.


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“Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.”- Robert Kiyosaki



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