Our mission is to help all of us transition to the Sustainable Economy (SE). We see issues such as climate change as both a risk and an opportunity. We see it as a catalyst to advance our mindset and our enterprises.

Our guiding light is a simple formula: ESG + Sustaintech = Sustainable Economy, (G+S=E).

This formula combines and aligns the business and investing communities. Simplicity breeds focus and purpose.

ESG refers to Environmental Sustainable Governance- a framework primarily for investors and fund managers, but also relevant to entrepreneurs, and business managers.

Sustaintech is a term we have coined to cover key emerging innovation spaces, such as Greentech, renewables, Fintech, Agribusiness and Biotech. Here a key principle is the building of Closed Loop Systems. These are not only carbon emissions neutral, but like systems in nature, waste neutral.

The Sustainable Economy (SE) is a vision we have where sustainable principles are practices are integrated in all decision-making, systems, supply chains, and products and services. It will emerge from the alignment of ESG and Sustaintech. Chiefly, it will emerge from creativity and innovation….To read more, see our About page.



“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.”- Dr. Edward O. Wilson.