The Power of Sustainability

Our mission is to help make a positive contribution to the world by educating, advocating, and building enterprise around the power of Sustainability.

We are committed to the integration of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. In particular we are focused on-

  • SDG4 Quality Education.
  • SDG8 Decent Work and Economic Growth.
  • SDG9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure.
  • SDG10 Reduced Inequalities- in particular financial.
  • SDG12 Responsible Consumption & Production.
  • SDG13 Climate Action.
  • SDG16 Peace, Justice & Strong Instructions.
  • SDG17 Partnerships to reach these goals.

To learn more about all the SDGs see:

Our work involves the following key areas, Mindset, Business and Finance (MBF)-

  1. Mindset. The broadening of awareness, including Sustainability or Biosphere Consciousness, and developing the power of the creative mind, particularly for use in innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.
  2. Business. Here we are focused on the emerging Greentech sector, and innovations in sustainable business models and processes, such as Biomimicry and the building of the new Sustainable Economy.
  3. Finance. The linking of capital to sustainable business is key, our work here involves the evolving concept of Environmental and Social Governance (ESG), Sustainable Value Investing methods, and ways to integrate and align Sustainability in all business and finance decision-making.

Through these three areas we hope to make a strong contribution to two or more of the above SDGs. Perhaps we can break new ground through the intersection of the MBF areas, and help build a foundation for the new Sustainable Economy.

Sustainability will be like a golden thread running through these three areas, and in all we do.

Here are a few ways we can specifically help you-

  • Insights and Inspiration. Regular posts, articles, newsletters and other resources to provide unique insights and inspiration.
  • Centralised Information Hub. A centralised, independent information hub for Sustainability and related resources.
  • Unique Creative Ideas. We focus on giving to you unique, cutting edge insights and ideas. These often occur at the edges or intersections of current disciplines. We are building for you a foundation for creativity and innovation. This is particularly useful for innovations in Greentech, and Sustainable or Impact Investing.
  • Practical Resources for Action. We are building the bridge from theory and empirical research to simple, practical resources and tools for ready application. This can give you a basis for efficient systems building, and the potential to scale faster innovative businesses.
  • Powerful Community. Through our growing global members, we are building a powerful, multidisciplinary community of entrepreneurs, experts, managers, investors and others who can connect and collaborate to build specialist teams.
  • Business Opportunities. In time, by engaging with our community, you may also find exciting business and other opportunities.
  • Mutual Support. Most importantly, we want to provide a community of like minds who can provide mutual support. People like you who are also committed to making a positive impact in the world and achieving the SDGs by 2030.

In short, we hope to inspire, provide practical insights, and build a global community for you to also find your highest purpose using the power of Sustainability.

If you are interested to find out more, and to join our community of like minds, you may wish to take out a free membership for resources, news and other important information- see our Members page.



“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.”- Dr. Edward O. Wilson.